Goblin Slayer: Side Story Year One

Goblin Slayer Gaiden: Year One, Goblin Slayer Side Story: Year One, ゴブリンスレイヤー外伝:イヤーワン, 哥布林杀手外传:第一年, 고블린 슬레이어 외전 : 이어 원

Synopsis Goblin Slayer: Side Story Year One

From Yen Press:
Three days after his sister was no more, he finally gained the will to move. In the aftermath of a goblin raid, a lone boy mourned his village, his family.
Five years later, he visited a city on the frontier and became an adventurer. It was five years earlier that the boy who had lost a place to call home was reunited with his childhood friend.
Despite being the lowest Porcelain rank, the boy readies himself and then sets off alone for a lair of goblins, marking the beginning of the legend of Goblin Slayer.

Chapter Goblin Slayer: Side Story Year One

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